CRM Manipulation Library – Custom Workflow Activities for CRM 2016


Recently we used the CRM Manipulation Library for some Days related calculation.

To use it in CRM 2016, we updated the references to use latest SDK assemblies. You could download it form here.

While working with it we found a strange issue,

If we are using Add Days and we do not specify any value to Days to Add it will not perform any calculation. The workaround suggested was to add 1 Week and remove 7 days, something of that sort. Basically, we wanted to add 2 minutes here.

Thanks to this post for that

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{New Utility} Record Privilege Checker for Dynamics CRM

Another awesome tool by Debajit Dutta (MVP)

Debajit's Dynamic CRM Blog

Recently I had a requirement where our client’s support and maintenance team wanted a feature through which they can view the privileges for a record for all active users in the system. Ok, let me take a moment to explain here.

Suppose the support team wants to run a regular security check and identify what privilege does a specific user have on specific account records. You might be thinking that is that this hard? After all we can go to the user and identify the security roles of the user. And then determine what access privilege does the security role have on the account

Simple isn’t it? Well it is not. And specially with CRM 2016, a user might end up getting a specific privilege on record through any of the following.

  • Security roles
  • Sharing
  • Access teams
  • Owner team association
  • Hierarchical relationship.

It can be really complex depending on how…

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How to – Delete Components from Managed Solution in Dynamics CRM 2016 without using Holding Solution.

Before the updates that we have received for solution in CRM 2016 the only way to delete components from managed solution was to use Holding Solution.

The following post nicely explains this.

Now let us see how we can do this in CRM 2016 without using Holding Solution.

Suppose below is our managed solution that includes 2 Action, 2 Entity, 2 SLA, 2 Workflow.

Entity 2 with two forms.

Entity 2 with 2 Views.

Entity 2 with two Fields.

Now import this solution as managed in destination org.

Now suppose we do not want following components in our Destination org – action 2, dashboard 2, Report 2, Security Role 2, Workflow 2 etc. along with View 2, Field 2 and Form 2 for Entity 2.

We remove some of the components and delete (field, form etc.) from our unmanaged solution (named Core Solution) which we had imported as Managed in our Destination Org.

Deleted View 2

Deleted Field 2

Now click on “Clone to Solution“. (This will increment the version number.)

Now import this updated solution to our destination organization, and select “Stage for Upgrade

Click on “Apply Solution Upgrade

This will remove the components from our destination org.

The helpful post

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Role Based Views in Dynamics CRM – New version released

Debajit's Dynamic CRM Blog

Hi All,

Finally got some time around to work on the bug fixes in the my codeplex tool ‘Role Based Views in Microsoft Dynamics CRM’. The new version has been uploaded in codeplex site-

Thanks everyone for the huge downloads and making the tool so popular.

What’s fixed in this version

  • Error in the tool for users without security roles
  • Intermittent error in the lookup view of the entities configured for role based views
  • Compatibility with CRM 2015 online update 1

Please visit the link and go to ‘Downloads’ section and download the release – Role Based Views – CRM 2015 Version. Please download both the managed solution as well as the executable as using the new version of the managed solution with the old executable would give an error.

New to the tool? Please check for the Documentations tab at to learn how to use…

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Nice Videos on understanding “Package Deployer Tool” and “Configuration Migration Tool” in CRM.

While going through various videos on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, found these 2 nice videos on Package Deployer Tool and Configuration Tool.

Do check it out

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“​SharePoint Attachment Extractor & Metadata Manager” tool for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Two of the most common requirements of the users while using OOB CRM and SharePoint integration have been

  • To associate some sort of metadata with the  document being uploaded from CRM
  • Moving attachments from notes of a particular record to the corresponding folder in SharePoint.

Finally we have a tool than enhances the Out the box integration between CRM and SharePoint and provides these features (in a fully supported manner)

Get all the details here :

The tool has been developed by one of my closest friends and now also a MVP for Microsoft Dynamics CRM – Debajit Dutta.